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Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici di Roma

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Roman Forum Excavation

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Representative in charge for the Archaeological Superintendency of Rome:

Dott.ssa Irene Iacopi

Organizing Institution:

The American Institute for Roman Culture, Inc.

Field Director:

Dr. Andrew Wilson (Oxford)

Safety Director:

Geom. Raffaele Fariello

Project duration:

The principal aim of the excavations is to examine the articulation of public, religious, and commercial space on the edge of the Roman Forum in the Republican, Imperial, and late Roman periods. The project is investigating an area of the Roman Forum between the Temple of the Castors, the “Temple of Augustus,” and the Oratory of the Forty Martyrs.

  • Investigation of structures of Roman, late Roman, and early Medieval date previously excavated in 1900 by G. Boni. Boni published a plan without further documentation.
  • Investigation of structures which pre-date the standing remains of the Domitianic Portico, as well as documentation of the evidence for later conversion of this space into possible commercial structures, through two separate trenches.
  • Investigation of structure against a brick pier, which was originally faced in marble. The structure was a monumental entrance to the Vicus Unguentarius (Street of perfume sellers) or possibly part of a structure of unknown use.
  • Excavation along the Vicus Tuscus to investigate the late Antique/ early Medieval shops lining the road, and the extent to which the road was maintained in the Medieval period. On the far end, study of the relationship between the road and the Horrea Agrippiana.

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