For 2017 we continue to care for the Parco dei Ravennati site (above); we are expanding our video dictionary resource: Ancient Rome Live; launching a free online course; publishing our important archaeological excavation discoveries (see images below on the Vignacce excavation story)!


These are the goals and efforts of the American Institute for Roman Culture (A certified 501c3 non profiT, EIN 22-3885181) in 2017!


  • Help us create more free content on our video library and for our free online courses for schools on topics like Roman emperors, sustainable cities, Roman engineering, and heritage preservation of the past through cutting edge video streaming live on site.

  • Contribute to our series of free online courses (with live, on location video streaming).  Introduction to Roman archaeology, Rulers of Rome, Engineering the Eternal City, Daily life in Ancient Rome and more! First course begins January 20, 2017!

  • Get involved in our outreach and internship program, by donating your time and expertise (film, media, historical knowledge, etc.)

  • Contribute to our effort to complete the latest research, study, photography and plans for our important publications: Roman Forum (post aedem Castoris), Villa delle Vignacce (bath complex with rich sculptural finds, like the Marsyas in Centrale Montemartini museum in Rome), and Parco dei Ravennati (tombs and fourth century AD domus along the Via Ostiense).  Funding will go to the following work: 

    • Finalization of plans and sections of the various excavation trenches.
    • Completion of classification and study of artifacts found in excavation.
    • Detailed study of historic-topographic context of the site, from Republican to late Antique, with critical examination of literary sources and unedited excavation material from early 20th century.
    • Completion of stratigraphic sequencing of trenches.
    • Final write up, photography of finds for publication
      • Forum Excavation (post aedem Castoris): $12,000.00 (6 months, 4 archaeologists/ specialists)

      • Villa delle Vignacce: bath complex and important statuary like the Marsyas statue (on public display): $18,000.00 (6 months, 6 archaeologists/ specialists) *SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED IN by December 31, 2016!

      • Parco dei Ravennati: $10,000.00 (4 months, 4 archaeologists/ specialists)

Through a generous contribution of Walks of Italy and private donors like you, AIRC is achieving its annual goals.  For more details on the studies required for publication or any heritage initiatives, please contact


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