Study with us in Rome in 2019

Building on the success of our four week 'Rome, City & History' program in May and June 2018 we are excited to confirm we will be running the course again in 2019.

Experience four weeks of immersive on-site lectures in Rome with experts guides and speakers including our Director Dr Darius Arya PhD, fascinating field trips further out of the Eternal City (in 2018 we visited Terracina, Speralonga, Hadrian's Villa and many more sites) as well as cultural experiences such as Italian cooking classes.

AIRC Director Darius Arya lecturing onsite at the Capitoline Museum during 2018s  Rome, City & History  course.

AIRC Director Darius Arya lecturing onsite at the Capitoline Museum during 2018s Rome, City & History course.


Syllabus excerpt:

The city of Rome is one the clearest testaments of Roman culture. Through a dense series of on-site visits (archaeological sites and museums), and in-class lecture series, the program focuses on both the general history of Rome and the material remains located within the walls, discussing various aspects of daily life in the city (architecture, engineering, art, geology), as well as the current state of the sites and collections, regarding their presentation, accessibility, and preservation (through on site exercises and exclusive access to collections and monuments). You will explore Rome’s incredible layered past from its humble Bronze Age origins through the end of the empire and the onset of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, then through the Renaissance, up to the Risorgimento, Fascist era, and contemporary society. The course traces the development of the city and how the Romans themselves perceived it and continually labored to preserve and reinvent it over time. The course also looks at the city as both a man-made and a natural landscape, which was preserved or changed according to a number of socio-political and religious needs. You will view the ancient monuments in their original urban contexts and evaluate the changes that have taken place to those structures over time, coming out of the course with a solid, basic understanding of ancient Rome that will serve as a foundation upon which to build in future coursework.

On-site learning during our 2018 program at the Museum of the Ara Pacis, Rome. photo by Crystal Shawn.

On-site learning during our 2018 program at the Museum of the Ara Pacis, Rome. photo by Crystal Shawn.


Frequently asked questions:


Q: Are they are any academic or experiential pre-requesites for joining the course?

A: No! Our programs are open to anyone with a desire to learn about Roman civilization - no prior knowledge of archaeology or Italian, or formal experience/qualifications is expected, or required. 


Q: Is there a minimum or maximum age for joining the program?

A: All participants must be aged over 18, but there is no maximum age for our 2019 course. 


Q: Why study with the American Institute for Roman Culture?

A: We have been running program in Rome for over 10 years and as such offer our participants a wealth of knowledge about Roman history, as well as unprecidented access to sites and experiences around city. Living in Rome also means we can direct you on all aspects of living in the city during your stay.


Q: What's included in the course cost?

A: All tuition, course materials, travel and access to and from sites within Rome, and further afield (if included in the itinerary) and a welcome and departing dinner are covered within any advertised program costs. We also offer the option of including accommodation in your program costs, or are more than happy to help you find your own hotel or apartment. 


May 13 2019 - June 7 2019 (4 weeks)


Rome, italy


with ACCOMMODATION: $4500*

without ACCOMMODATION: $3200

The combination of on-site academic lectures, field trips and Darius’ passion for Rome creates a truly unique experience where the city and it’s history is brought to life right before your eyes. On completing the course I found myself with a much wider understanding of Roman history, as well as Rome the city and would recommend this course to anyone with a passion for ancient Rome, Italian culture or travel! The team at AIRC also helped to ensure that all aspects of my four weeks in Rome were the best they could be - I had an incredible experience, in fact it was probably one of the best of my life so far!

- Karen Campagna, 2018 Program