Digital Team

Beyond our core team, we also have a specialist team dedicated to the delivery of our digital activities; website, social media, email and our store.

Darius Arya PhD


As co-founder and Director of the American Institute for Roman Culture, Darius oversees all activities liaising with the team below to ensure our digital goals are met.

Darius works tirelessly to promote Roman culture and history via digital mediums including social media (Twitter, Instagram) and live-streaming (Periscope, Facebook Live).

In April 2017, Darius was awarded Periscoper of the year by the Shorty Awards for his innovative use of Periscope in bringing the Roman world to anyone with a smartphone. 

Warren George

Lead Strategist

Warren works with Darius and the team to implement our digital activities across all activities and channels.

Working in digital marketing for most of his professional career, Warren is an expert in website design, social media, email, SEO and ecommerce.

Coupling his experience with his passion for the city of Rome and Roman history, Warren understands the challenges faced by AIRC and the digital solutions needed to overcome these. 

Jamie Heath


Jamie completed his Classical Civilisation Undergraduate degree at the University of Roehampton from 2011-14 and the City of Rome Postgraduate degree at the University of Reading 2016-17.

He has been an avid user of social media for several years which along with his interest in the early principate and the empire in general led him to volunteer to manage our interactions via Twitter

Sharon M. Wolf


Sharon runs an elementary school library for four hundred students and provides weekly lessons for nineteen classes as well as helping students research daily. 

She is a member of the AIA with a particular in interest in Pompeii, Rome, archaeology as well as photography, writing, and traveling. 

Sharon is responsible for managing interactions received via our Facebook page

Rebecca Caldwell

Content Creator

Rebecca was brought up with a love of Italian history and culture and studied history at the University of Delaware. Being a granddaughter of immigrants she always aimed to return to the land of her blood. After extensively traveling through Italy she rekindled her passion for Ancient Rome. Rebecca uses her background in history to create content for #RomeOnThisDay.

Rebecca loves to use social media to stay in touch with her friends abroad and enjoys sharing her passion for Ancient Rome.

Any opinions expressed by individuals via their personal social media accounts are their own and not representative of the AIRC or anyone else.