Ostia Antica (2003-2006)

The American Institute for Roman Culture collaborated with the University of Texas at Austin on a four-year program in Ostia Antica, the ancient port city of Rome (2003-2006). The Ostia Synagogue-area Masonry Analysis Project (UT-OSMAP) was a multi-year archaeological field project under the direction of Dr. L. Michael White, working under the auspices of the Superintendency of Archaeology for Ostia Antica. The goal of the project was to reevaluate the area around the ancient synagogue of Ostia Antica, which was rediscovered in 1961, and to excavate its remains. Learn more at the OSMAP, which is an ongoing investigation.  AIRC also began collaboration with Dr. Michele Raddi and the direzione di Ostia Antica along the ancient coast (Prospetto al Mare2) and cleaned and examined shops along the Via della Foce in 2009/2010. Finally, in 2010, AIRC collaborated with the University of Bologna on their excavation of a bath complex near Porta Marina.