What We Do

Creating an online conversation for cultural heritage

Visual storytelling is a large component of getting the message out, particularly in photographic and video formats.

Led by Darius, AIRC's work has been recognized internationally for photography and storytelling:

Inspiring teachers, students, public at large through public live streaming on sites, closed live streaming for individual schools (upon request), invited lectures, featured lectures, TV shows (Darius' Under Italy on RAI5).  

AIRC continues to produce and live stream videos for Ancient Rome Live on the issues of heritage preservation and in collaboration Vatican Patrons, City of Rome, and Ministry of Heritage.

In addition to Darius' ongoing collaboration with the city of Rome Museums (#discoverMiC), AIRC is embarking on a new initiative with the Italian Ministry of Heritage for creating unique learning experiences in sites and museums throughout Italy in 2017.

TV & media news in 2016:

Building online communities

Not enough is being done online to make cultural heritage a central pillar of our daily lives. We are working to correct that. We are working to foster discussion and build communities online to advance the great wealth of information on heritage efforts (e.g., ICCROM, Getty Conservation Institute, ICOMOS, etc.) so that it becomes more accessible and relatable to our daily lives.

Campaigning to save cultural heritage at risk

We have created online petition discussions (e.g., Save Hadrian’s Villa and Save the Gladiator Tomb) and host our own annual conference on unbranded archaeological heritage, now called C4C (Conversation for Conservation), in Rome.  Future sites to discuss will include special visits to the Protestant Cemetery, Hertziana, sites in Tivoli, Arch of Janus, as well as international sites, outside Italy.

Discovery and Conservation

An excavation field school has been a mainstay of AIRC programming for over 10 years, and we have developed a particular focus on site preservation and management (conservator on site). The field school study session program currently (2013-2017) is based in the Parco dei Ravennati at Ostia Antica.


Cultural heritage is everything left behind by past societies in forms tangible and intangible. Cultural Heritage is increasingly seen as being widely relevant in more and more aspects of our lives, society and economy. We at the American Institute for Roman Culture believe in UNESCO’s mission to protect world heritage, with a focus on Roman and Italian heritage, but we can’t save Rome’s invaluable cultural patrimony by ourselves.


Part of AIRC’s mission is to promote, study, and advance the online discussion of cultural heritage. Keep up with AIRC’s activities and initiatives and the latest developments regarding cultural heritage in Italy, and help spread the word about them, by following AIRC’s various social media outlets: Twitter, FB, etc.

Join us

AIRC regularly draws on the knowledge, experience, and commitment of a wide variety of cultural heritage stakeholders, from ICCROM to Walks of Italy, maintaining and building a large and growing network of partnerships and collaborative relationships with governmental authorities and agencies at all levels, museums, NGOs, non-profit foundations, universities, the public at large, and individuals.


Rome’s cultural legacy is constantly and increasingly under threat from a multitude of sources. AIRC, working in partnership with other stakeholders, is an effective force in educating about cultural heritage, raising public awareness of cultural heritage, and finding practical solutions to urgent problems. Help us build our resources to meet the challenges of today and prevent the tragedies of tomorrow by making a tax-free contribution via check, PayPal.

Share your cultural heritage story and images

Do you have a story to tell about Roman or Italian cultural heritage with a personal or professional connection? AIRC regularly publishes articles and images about Roman cultural heritage submitted by scholars, students, and other stakeholders. 

Volunteer or intern

AIRC regularly offers university summer programming and internships to students and aspiring professionals in the cultural heritage sector. AIRC interns gain valuable experience in non-profit management, educational programming, negotiation and interaction with cultural heritage stakeholders, social media and press strategy, conference organization, and archaeology and conservation.