1. New discoveries of Rome in the past 20 years that influence our understanding of Roman history
  2. Rulers of Rome, new insights into their contributions
  3. Daily life, more sophisticated approaches to living in Rome
  4. Collecting history: ancient to modern
  5. History in situ: exploring the ancient city (monuments, paths, Latin inscriptions)
  6. Regions of Rome (urban, suburban)
  7. Triumphal route and other processions
  8. Places of history- where history happened
  9. Layers of History/ recycling history (Ancient to Renaissance)
  10. Successful storytelling
  11. New media platforms
  12. TV, streaming
  13. Sustainability of urban cities Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii
  14. Stakeholders of cultural heritage- from experts to the public
  15. Branding cultural heritage

(Tentative - exact syllabus subect to change)


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