DURATION: 2 WEEKS (45 hours teaching minimum)

WHEN: JUNE 4, 2017 - JuNE 17, 2017

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Art, Archaeology, History, Urban development, and Cultural Heritage of Italy

Discover Rome's history and its wider impact through on site case studies with heritage, art, archaeology experts.

Rome is one of the best textbook examples for examining the urban development of a city continually inhabited over three millennia; with its ancient urban planning, road systems, aqueducts, and monumental architecture, Rome's past impacted on subsequent development of the urban fabric in the medieval and Renaissance periods, continuing to today's urban framework. 

This course considers a wide range of related topics over that time period through in-depth on site examinations, case study workshops with heritage experts and art, architectural historians, as well as scrutiny of the archaeological record, including recent discoveries and urban transformations in the past two decades.

Understanding the complexities, successes and failures of the city, and the challenges that remain today, will unlock important discussions of sustainability, preservation, and historical relevance that are applicable to whole range of topics and disciplines, far beyond classics and art history.  It is the goal of this course to bring specific case studies and concepts into a conversation that is multi-disciplinary and engaging to a global audience.