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  1. Sustainability of (and challenges to) historical centers: Rome, Florence, Venice, Pompeii
  2. History of Rome (Regal, Republic, Imperial, Late Antique, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Risorgimento, Fascist, Modern)
  3. Capitoline Museums (municipality, papacy)
  4. Imperial Fora Museums: Rome and empire
  5. Colosseum: symbol of antiquity
  6. Roman forum: social, political, religious epicenter
  7. Palatine: transformations of residence
  8. Vatican Museums
  9. Museo Nazionale Romano
  10. Via Appia and environs
  11. Rome's Medieval aspirations
  12. Family collections: Colonna/ Pamphilj/ Farnese
  13. Artists and patrons: Renaissance, Baroque

(Tentative - exact syllabus subect to change)